Sanity–Lost Lady

Welcome to the Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where Anu, Ashok, Conrad, Delirious, gaelikaa, Grannymar, Ramana and I write on the same topic. Please do visit the linked blogs to get different views of the prism, colours of the same topic. Today’s topic has been chosen by Conrad.

This is a poem I wrote after seeing an old lady–one in the west who would be called a bag lady– sitting on the pavement. She was lost to the world and would be called cuckoo or ‘not all there’. I saw her differently!

She sits on her haunches 
On the pavement 
Where the signals 
Halts the traffic 
Gazing somewhere 

Grey haired  
Receding hairline 
In a tattered sari 
Fair, wrinkled-face 
Thin and bony 

Her figure patiently 
Seems to wait 
For some benevolence 
A mere token 
From the passers by 

Her fingers write 
Signalling words in the air 
That she mouths silently 
To an invisible 
Imaginary audience 

The fingers, long pointed 
Artistic, paints pictures 
Visible only to her eyes 
Drumming a tune 
That she alone hears 

A poet, an artist  
Maybe a speaker 
Lost In the ravages of time 
Society’s debris 
Longing for recognition

About padmum

You could call me Dame Quixote! I tilt at windmills. I have an opinion on most matters. What I don't have, my husband Raju has in plenty. Writer and story teller, columnist and contributer of articles, blogs, poems, travelogues and essays to Chennai newspapers, national magazines and websites, I review and edit books for publishers and have specialized as a Culinary Editor and contributed content, edited and collaborated on Cookbooks. My other major interest used to be acting on Tamil and English stage, Indian cinema and TV. I am a wordsmith, a voracious reader, crossword buff and write about India's heritage, culture and traditions. I am interested in Vedanta nowadays. I am now an Armchair traveller/opinionator/busybody!
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5 Responses to Sanity–Lost Lady

  1. Grannymar says:

    The poem brought tears to my eyes. It makes me wonder how & where I will end my days?


    • padmum says:

      Sheltered and cared for surely Grannymar…you have a lovely daughter who will be there for you!!

      My writing is but a gift of God!!,,,Goddess in my religion, the lady who wears white and sits on a lily–Saraswathi.


  2. Rummuser says:

    Padmum, you are simply cest magnifique! The longer I live the more I get to know your abilities. This is easily one of the best ever.


  3. padmum says:

    Vasishtar dubbing me Brahma rishi!! Thanks!!


  4. Val says:

    She’s living with her own world. Yes.


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