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Today’s topic has been chosen by Grannymar.


A human being spends life preparing for enlightenment. In Hinduism all activity is supposed to be focussed on reaching this goal. Education, learning, meditation and contemplation are tools to reaching this bliss when you merge with the Divine.

Tolam Bhatta was a school teacher who attended to his part-time priestly duties in the village temple as well. Every day for many years, he rode a donkey to school. At last the attitude of learning caught hold of the donkey too, and one day he turned to the rider on his back and asked, “Bhatta, why do you go to school every day?”

Bhatta was quite taken aback. Was he hearing right? Did the Donkey really speak? He had heard many donkeys speak, but never a four-legged one! However, if those others can talk why not this one?

Bhatta thought, “It must be that all this going to school has had an effect on him and he has just begun to speak. It was my own fault bringing him to school every day.” “Why do you want to know?” asked Bhatta.

“I am curious, that’s all. Why do you come to school every day?” asked the donkey.

“I come to teach the children.”


“So that the children can learn.”

“What happens by learning?”

“A person gains intelligence and wisdom”.

“What use is intelligence?” persisted the donkey.

“What use you say? It is because of my intelligence that I am riding you!” said Bhatta.

“Teach me also, Bhatta. Give me intelligence!” said the donkey.

“Oh no,” said Bhatta, “I am not that foolish. Then you will be riding me!”

Without knowing or realizing the divine nectar within, many things in this world will become a burden, which one may have to carry from one birth to another.

Knowing the Divine eases all burdens!

To know the Divine, one prepares to become a Master of all circumstances and to ride and negotiate any hurdle which comes our way.

Volumes of books and commentaries have been written about God. Innumerable Messiahs and Masters have come and gone, extolling everybody to understand him, but of no avail. Very few have understood him and rejoiced in him.

Many have not bothered to know him, since they were lost in the worldly priorities and attractions.

Many blindly doubted his existence and did not have the urge to know him.

Many were kept ignorant about him, so that they can be exploited.

Education, learning prepares you to reach that enlightenment beyond the mundane, the everyday and the coil of life.

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You could call me Dame Quixote! I tilt at windmills. I have an opinion on most matters. What I don't have, my husband Raju has in plenty. Writer and story teller, columnist and contributer of articles, blogs, poems, travelogues and essays to Chennai newspapers, national magazines and websites, I review and edit books for publishers and have specialized as a Culinary Editor and contributed content, edited and collaborated on Cookbooks. My other major interest used to be acting on Tamil and English stage, Indian cinema and TV. I am a wordsmith, a voracious reader, crossword buff and write about India's heritage, culture and traditions. I am interested in Vedanta nowadays. I am now an Armchair traveller/opinionator/busybody!
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4 Responses to PREPARE

  1. Rummuser says:

    Should the ending not be that the donkey would still just be an educated donkey?


  2. Grannymar says:

    I never heard that story before.


  3. Delirious says:

    I love the story of the donkey. I do believe that we should get all the education we can!


  4. Ashok says:

    I wonder if you have read “Sidhartha” by Herman Hesse. The entire book is about how enlightenment can’t be preached, it is to be experienced. I strongly believe in that concept myself. Wonderful story 🙂


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