There are two words in our vocabulary that comes with great difficulty to our lips—‘thanks’ and ‘sorry’.  We literally have to pull out these two words (though some of you would say otherwise).

Rivers do not drink their own water. Trees do not eat their own fruit.  Sun rays and rain clouds do not eat the grains that they help to grow. The wealth of nature is used solely for the benefit of living beings. However, how often do we stop in our tracks and give thanks to all the natural elements that work together to keep us alive and kicking.

We have the natural capability and  intuition to want to be connected to one another. Over time, our individual lives and technology, this awareness is lost under the onslaught of stresses and need for survival in the rat race. Do we give gratitude to our relationships or do we tend to take them for granted. There is this common perception that we can rant and rave and blame all our faults on our parents, upbringing and circumstances in which we grew up. Have we ever sat down and thought about what they have done in positive terms setting aside all the negatives and giving thanks for their presence?

Along with the onslaught of modern life, we also forget to think about our own self-worth, achievements, talents, and be grateful for our sense of self. Yes! It may become narcisstic, egoistical or a pumped up assessment of who and what we are! But, we need to have that sense of awe and wonder to say, ‘But for the Grace of God, there go I’ when we see others struggling physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially to lead normal lives.

The wonderful habit of offering a prayer before a meal is prevalent in all cultures, religions. In today’s hectic world we seem to have forgotten the custom of sharing a meal as a family and jointly giving thanks for the bounty that enriches our board, home and hearth.

The only visible signs of gratitude is heard or observed at the Oscar Awards and Film Functions, when thanks is given to a list in their hands of people to thank beginning with their parents, spouses, directors, storywriters, grocery store keeper, chauffeur, kids and their baby sitters who has helped them get the award. Any of these people can in a short while be at the other end of a subpoena or summons for working against the Awardee!!

We are connected to a universe that celebrates life in a cyclical way.  Each day that dawns and sets is a Gift.  If we do nothing else but cultivate the attitude of Gratitude then each day is truly well lived.

PS: Did you know that when you give 2 roses, it means gratitude?

2 Roses means gratitude

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5 Responses to Gratitude

  1. Grannymar says:

    I’m sending two roses in gratitude for this timely reminder of how we should live.


  2. Delirious says:

    Our family always prays before meals, and also again at bed time. In our religion we are taught that we should begin our prayers by giving thanks. When we have given thanks, then we can ask for what we need. But the thanks should come first.


  3. Rummuser says:

    Yes, secularism put paid to some of the nicer aspects of private behaviour too. It is a timely reminder to revert to those old ways. Thank you.


  4. Ocdwriter says:

    I always pray just before going to sleep. A fairly chaotic melting pot of thoughts which summarily,
    Seeks for knowledge
    Seeks Opportunities to spread knowledge
    Seeks forgiveness for my mistakes and punishment for my crimes
    Expresses gratitude for both forgiveness and punishment.

    Having said that, I have personally found it difficult albeit my best efforts to reconcile myself to the good and the bad. Sometimes I wonder if we are damned to commit certain mistakes in spite of having ample opportunities to avoid them. Failure to be grateful for something which stares into you every day is perhaps on top of those inevitable mistakes. Hopefully as time progresses, I will see things in the right perspective


    • padmum says:

      Nice to have you amidst us again!! Don’t worry…as you age and add to your experiences, you will find more of the good, bad and the ugly and your part in it! Then thanks and sorry will take on new meanings.


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