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The Rich Man’s Birds

Once there was a rich man who bought two beautiful birds as pets for his garden. The birds were some of the most beautiful birds he had ever seen. He gave the precious birds to his gardener to be trained.

Many days passed away and one day the rich man was informed by the gardener that one of the birds was flying beautifully, soaring high in the sky. Alas, the other bird had not moved from its branch since the day it had arrived.

The rich man called in healers and magicians from all over the country, to tend to the bird, but no one could make the bird fly. Then the rich man thought to himself, “May be I need someone more familiar with the countryside to understand the nature of this problem.” So he called out to his gardener, “Go and get a villager.”

In the morning, the rich man was thrilled to see the bird soaring high above the garden.

Then the rich man asked the villager, “How did you make the bird fly?”

With his head bowed, the villager said to the rich man, ” It was very easy, sir. I simply cut the branch where the bird was sitting.”

We are all made to fly– to realize our incredible potential as human beings. We sit on our safe branches, clinging to the things that are familiar to us.

The possibilities are endless, but for most of us, they remain undiscovered. We conform to the familiar, the comfortable, the mundane. So for the most part, our lives are mediocre instead of exciting, thrilling and fulfilling.

So if you want to bring back the excitement in your lives, go ahead and destroy the branch of fear we cling to and free ourselves to the glory of flight !!!

PS: My view is sometimes, especially if you are at my age, it is safer to cling to the familiar branch. Anyway it is an elevated point of view of ground realities.

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You could call me Dame Quixote! I tilt at windmills. I have an opinion on most matters. What I don't have, my husband Raju has in plenty. Writer and story teller, columnist and contributer of articles, blogs, poems, travelogues and essays to Chennai newspapers, national magazines and websites, I review and edit books for publishers and have specialized as a Culinary Editor and contributed content, edited and collaborated on Cookbooks. My other major interest used to be acting on Tamil and English stage, Indian cinema and TV. I am a wordsmith, a voracious reader, crossword buff and write about India's heritage, culture and traditions. I am interested in Vedanta nowadays. I am now an Armchair traveller/opinionator/busybody!
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3 Responses to The View

  1. Rummuser says:

    For me to fly, God has to play a role now. No one else will cut off the branch on which I am sitting now!


  2. Grannymar says:

    I like a branch long and supple enough to let me stretch while being strong enough to hold and ground me when needed.


  3. blackwatertown says:

    Aha – good story.


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