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In Hinduism, we have many heavens. Swarga Loka, or heaven as is commonly understood is one of the seven lokas or planes in Hindu cosmology. Sequentially they are: Bhu loka (Prithvi Loka, Earth) Bhuvar loka Swarga loka Mahar loka Jana … Continue reading

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The first lamp from fire Lit early in the morning At the home altar Praying for patience Enlightenment, well-being The first fire Lit by a bride In her new home The first dish cooked Sweet and warm, an augury The … Continue reading

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A Cure for the King’s illness

There was a small kingdom in which strangely enough all people where quite happy and very healthy. In course of time both the ruler and ruled grew proud of this rare good fortune and claimed it to be a reward … Continue reading

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The Olympics

Olympic Village Sex Fest: Athletes Tell All In ESPN Report That Reveals 70,000 Condoms Just Isn’t Enough The Huffington Post  |  Posted: 07/13/2012 5:41 pm Updated: 07/16/2012 1:34 pm 1,239 86 226 1,057 GET SPORTS ALERTS: SIGN UP FOLLOW: ESPN, Olympics, 2012 Summer Olympics Canada, London Olympics 2012, ESPN … Continue reading

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