Face of Rescue

“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.”

Labrador Retriever

Vani loved dogs. She had grown up with at least two or three dogs in her parental home. And dogs seemed to love her too. She never minded if they jumped on her or licked her face and generally slobbered on her. At school she had made friends with other girls only if they had dogs in their homes or were comfortable with dogs.

Rita was just the opposite—she was really afraid of dogs. She was a very out going child with a huge grin on her face, most of the time. But when she saw a dog anywhere in her vicinity, she would just freeze up and her face would contort into myriad emotions. The smile would disappear and fear, worry, distaste and cold sweat would bead her face. Naturally she was not in the charmed group of Vani.

Both of them grew up and moved into the same college. They majored in different subjects and drifted out of each other’s paths. The years went by. Vani moved away to the Middle East after her marriage. Rita became a media person and her smiling face began to make an impact on TV news watchers until she became the Face of social issues. She anchored documentaries on women’ issues, rape, education, micro-financing, girl infanticide, elders abuse—so many issues.

In their late thirties, both their lives took a different turn suddenly. Vani’s husband, Ganesh was injured badly in a car accident. His face, hands and legs were badly scarred and his mobility was reduced to being bound in a wheelchair. They decided to come back home as the support system was better with family and house help. Vani’s social life ground to a halt as Ganesh was reluctant to show his face to the world—and she…she did not want to answer solicitous and inquisitive questions about Ganesh’s health, their financial conditions and general social niceties. Both of them worked from home, he in technology and she as a content provider. The internet and TV became their link to the outside world. Facebook was a means of keeping in touch with those they wanted to interact with, that too mainly strangers.

One day the phone rang. Vani picked it up. “Can I speak to Vani please” a woman’s voice spoke.

“Yes this is Vani speaking” she replied. “Who is this?”

“Hi Vani. This is your old schoolmate Rita. Do you remember me?”

“Of of course! The dog hater, right?” said Vani.

“I got your number from your parents” said Rita. “I am sorry to hear about your husband’s accident. Are you happy to be back in India?”

“Why did you call, Rita” Vani asked abruptly.

“Actually, there is an abandoned dog, a Labrador Retriever that needs a home. I was wondering whether you would like to adopt it?”

Vani gave a hysterical laugh. “You!….. offering me a dog for adoption? Isn’t that funny?” and she continued to guffaw. “You would never even go near a dog that was a mile away…so how come?”

“Well! Now I am part of a group that is involved with taking care of abandoned dogs and cats. We find foster homes and the give them for adoption. So I though this Lab would be ideal for you”.

“Rita! This is funny, really funny. How did you get over the fear of dogs?”

How do you think that Rita was able to get close to dogs?

Given Vani’s circumstances, do you think  she would take in the Lab?

I look forward to your answers to find an appropriate ending to this story….maybe we can vote for the best ending amongst us.

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8 Responses to Face of Rescue

  1. grannymar says:

    I look forward to the answers the others give to your questions.


  2. Maxi says:

    Maybe Rita found herself in a position where a dog would die without her help. Her kindness overcame the fear.

    Vani may take the Labrador as a companion for Ganesh; the dog brings the disabled man out of his depression.

    Blessings to you Padmini ~ Maxi


  3. Delirious says:

    I can only imagine that, in keeping with this topic, that she looked in the dog’s face and fell in love. 🙂


  4. Rummuser says:

    Anything could have happened, including a dog saving her or someone close to her from some misfortune. May be her child/ren became dog lovers. May be her husband had similar misfortune and a trained dog helped him handle that.

    And about Vani, I think that she would be daft not to.


  5. blackwatertown says:

    Hmm… Clearly Rita is being held captive by a gang of dogs who use her as a front person to get access to the homes of unsuspecting rich targets – after which they strip the house of all shoes, slippers and assorted footwear, sneak them back to their den and have a good old chew of them until they’re completely theadbare and beslobbered – whereupon they use Rita to find new shoes to maul from a fresh target.


  6. padmum says:

    I am still waiting for more answers!! Paul—my head is reeling,


  7. shackman says:

    Many if not most people confront their fears at some point in life so it is not surprising Rita was able to overcome her fear of dogs. Perhaps an over affectionate pooch showed her the error of her ways – or her kids love dogs. Who knows. That said, dogs have been shown to be very cathartic and of course Vani should take in the lab – one of the gentlest, most companionable breeds that exist. POersonally I’d prefer a Saint Bernard with a barrel of rum or brandy around its neck but alas I’m quite content with my bassett hound/collie mix.


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