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Why women cannot keep secrets!!

Karna – The Generous—from the Mahabaratha Karna is one of the most fascinating characters in the Mahabharata, the Indian epic that tells the tale of a warring family. Kunti was a young princess when the great sage Durvasa visited her … Continue reading

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Graceful acceptance

One of the important requisites of self-discipline is acceptance. Acceptance is a state of being where you perceive reality accurately and consciously acknowledge it. It is not an easy thing to achieve or implement. It is very difficult for human … Continue reading

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The Krishna Key Ashwin Sanghi

The Krishna Key Ashwin Sanghi The two questions that haunt historians, theologians and believers and atheists are ‘Is Krishna an incarnation or historical personality?’ The answer to this is based on traditional literature and in recent times excavations and archaeological … Continue reading

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Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans

I don’t know Shackman! I don’t know whether I agree with you. What do you call life? Life is what you do, what others do to you and what ‘happens to you. And all this happens because you are focussed … Continue reading

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