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A Working Peace System

Peace has been defined on the net as a period of harmony between different social groups that is characterized by lack of violence, conflict behaviours and the freedom from fear of violence. I come from a land that has produced … Continue reading

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The Horse that Became a Donkey-AAP today

This was an article written by my husband Prof N Natarajan in April 2014..foresight you can call it! There is an old story which grandmothers told their grand children in the good old days. One version of the story goes … Continue reading

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A Sacred Song

When we think of a sacred song, the instant recall of many Hindus is the prayer to the Lord who removes obstacles, Ganesha or Vigneswara. In the Vedic heritage, the first words, prescribed traditionally to start your day, is a … Continue reading

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Blog or Bust!!

In the beginning there was the diary! I never got into the habit of writing one. My father, brother Ramana and husband Raju were recipients of glossy diaries at the beginning of the New Year from various organizations. In fact … Continue reading

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When I was growing up, I really did not think a great deal about being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. I was brought up in a household where everybody was welcome. So we too visited homes of friends from various … Continue reading

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Then Came The Dog!

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Wedding Scenes

It was the summer of ’97 and my daughter and I were travelling around in Europe. Every place we went to we saw brides and grooms in the customary white dress and morning coat with the carnation in the lapel. … Continue reading

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In the Indian tradition there is no concept of Sabbatical. Learning is a continuous process. Hinduism and the path of Vedic culture are made up of a variety of customs, ideas, and philosophies. It incorporates a wide range of approaches … Continue reading

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The Truth about Corporal Punishment

The Truth about Corporal Punishment.

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