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Life – Living

Life The clock is ticking away The seconds of living We have only one life A life to live, love, be, die How many deaths In a life do we live How many heart stopping Stomach curdling Blood freezing moments … Continue reading

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Margazhi..the holy month and Andal

Andal or Kodai is one of the twelve Alwars or saints in the Vaishnava tradition.She lived in the first half of 8th century CE Continue reading

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The Rough and The Smooth

Another topic suggested by Maria/Gaelikka for LBC where seven of us write on the same topic. Language is the system of words or signs that people use to express thoughts and feelings to each other. Basically all communication is language … Continue reading

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A Sacred Song

When we think of a sacred song, the instant recall of many Hindus is the prayer to the Lord who removes obstacles, Ganesha or Vigneswara. In the Vedic heritage, the first words, prescribed traditionally to start your day, is a … Continue reading

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When you think of sleep, the word association is automatically lullabies. The lullaby has existed since ancient times and is a soothing song played or sung to young children to help them sleep. Lullabies are used to pass down cultural … Continue reading

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I was a pebble Tiny, on the beach Picked and cradled In the palm of a child Stroked, caressed Lovingly cherished Brought out at times Stored in a secret place I was a feather Light and fronded Meandering in the … Continue reading

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People fear many things Fear is expressed as anxieties Panic about our future Panic about our family Panic about our work or business Some anxieties Are milder, bearable Some very severe leading to panic Some can challenge and even Impact … Continue reading

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