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Emotional Investment I & II

Emotional Investment I Investment has become a fashionable word, most inappropriate in the present COVID 19 moment. Investment signifies planning for the future with an eye on multiplying your money. Financial advisors have latched on to this word as a … Continue reading

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Internationally Famous Landmarks in my Hometown CHENNAI

Welcome to Chennai, bustling metropolis, IT and automobile industry’s destination, historic city with its interesting amalgam of conservative old world charm, art and culture and intelligence, education, world savviness and political awareness and debate.
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Remember the goal

I will tell you one story. It happened in Tibet. A lama who, was working in a faraway valley wrote a letter to the chief monastery, to his master, to send one more lama: “We need him here.” The chief … Continue reading

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I sit at the train window seeingThe world pass by flashingA panorama of landscapesPeople, stations and places Linked together by continuousShining, steel parallel linesTrees, plants and bushesAloe, scrub, thorns and palms, Green and brown shadedUndulating hill peaks tintedJagged stones, monolith … Continue reading

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Travel Troubles–take a train, lady!

When we travelled by train in India until the 90’s, we made sure to take a lot of food along with us. This was due to the vagaries and unprecictable time and length of our journey. The lines could breakdown … Continue reading

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