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When I was growing up, I really did not think a great deal about being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. I was brought up in a household where everybody was welcome. So we too visited homes of friends from various … Continue reading

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New Year Snippets

NEW YEAR TITBITS ANCIENT NEW YEARS New Year’s Day is the oldest of all holidays. About 4000 years ago the Babylonians celebration lasted for eleven days. January 1 celebrated world wide as New Year has no astronomical nor agricultural significance. … Continue reading

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My web videos on You Tube

Hi Four episodes have already been loaded where I talk about Tamil Brahmin culture, kitchens, food, recipes, stories etc. Please do drop by and give me feedback.  

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Dreams are unique. You can be what you want, wherever you want, however you want with whomsoever you want…in your dream world. You can also dream of achieving something–and work towards making it true. I dream dreams of an equitable … Continue reading

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Travel Troubles–take a train, lady!

When we travelled by train in India until the 90’s, we made sure to take a lot of food along with us. This was due to the vagaries and unprecictable time and length of our journey. The lines could breakdown … Continue reading

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