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An Experiment in Living

It was not a romance of a conventional relationship between a man and a woman. It was not an arranged marriage either. It was not love at first sight or blind date that established an understanding. It just happened. Sara … Continue reading

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Life – Living

Life The clock is ticking away The seconds of living We have only one life A life to live, love, be, die How many deaths In a life do we live How many heart stopping Stomach curdling Blood freezing moments … Continue reading

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Doom and Gloom

Strangely I associate these two words with soothsayers and astrologers. Astrology is supposed to give you a brighter aspect of your future. In fact in Indian custom, an astrologer who prophecies doom, gloom and death is supposed to have committed … Continue reading

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Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans

I don’t know Shackman! I don’t know whether I agree with you. What do you call life? Life is what you do, what others do to you and what ‘happens to you. And all this happens because you are focussed … Continue reading

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The Moment

I came across two stories recently. Kalidasa’s poem: A bumble bee buzzed around a lotus bud and left behind its larva. The larva gorged on the nutrition provided by the bud and grew and grew until it reached a size … Continue reading

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