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The Virtues And Toxicities Of Popularity–PN’s Take

The minute this topic was suggested names and faces that flashed across my mind’s eye were Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Princess Diana from the world’s optics and  Jayalalitha, Hemamalini, Sridevi and many other Indian film stars…all women who have been hugely … Continue reading

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Keeping Dementia at Bay

This was an article that I wrote in October 2010 for my regular column Last Word for Eves Touch. Dementia is characterized by loss in memory, attention, language, comprehension and judgement due to disease of the brain. The problem is … Continue reading

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The Disappearing Beaches

Swachh Beachside Story It was barely two days after Women’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and with hopes expressed for a better deal for oppressed women. Then TOI came out with a prominent Page 3 story that was anything but … Continue reading

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Duty A girl born in India is fed the concept of DUTY with her mother’s milk. It is more often what her duties are and what is expected of her than what her family, her partner, her kids or society … Continue reading

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Why women cannot keep secrets!!

Karna – The Generous—from the Mahabaratha Karna is one of the most fascinating characters in the Mahabharata, the Indian epic that tells the tale of a warring family. Kunti was a young princess when the great sage Durvasa visited her … Continue reading

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