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When life confronts us with disappointments, we can transform them into His/Her-appointments Suja woke up with a start. It was as if somebody had called out to her. It was still dark outside and far away the Muezzin was calling … Continue reading

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“I wish parents asked their kids what they would like to be called?” she said and took a sip of her black coffee. I was sitting opposite her, admiring the way she was spiffily dressed, her tinted, straightened hair tamed … Continue reading

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Life – Living

Life The clock is ticking away The seconds of living We have only one life A life to live, love, be, die How many deaths In a life do we live How many heart stopping Stomach curdling Blood freezing moments … Continue reading

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“You have taught me a lesson which I will never forget. I feel now the truth of those words, which I never understood before:
‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Continue reading

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Keeping Dementia at Bay

This was an article that I wrote in October 2010 for my regular column Last Word for Eves Touch. Dementia is characterized by loss in memory, attention, language, comprehension and judgement due to disease of the brain. The problem is … Continue reading

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Left and Right

Maria has spotlighted this topic this Friday. March Past There is a story related in Tamil Nadu about how the British taught ‘native’ recruits to their army to march. Somehow in all this glorification of the British might, the fact … Continue reading

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The Rice Cleaner…Buddha’s Path of Self-Remembering

A great master had a big monastery – five hundred monks – and they were all practicing the path of self-remembering. Self-remembering is one of the paths Buddha has recommended. One man entered into the monastery – he wanted to … Continue reading

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